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    crystal glass nail file for trimming dog nails


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    discover our signature Dog Fashion Spa nail file for dogs, elegantly decorated with Dog Fashion Spa logo, capturing the essence of Quality Life for Dogs®.

    this double-sided nail file for dogs was created by leading experts in nail and dog care and is made of crystal glass – superior material used for manufacturing the best nail files in the world. non-porous surface does not absorb water and can be sanitized 100%. reduces peeling and splitting of dog nails and does not disturb Dog Fashion Spa nail polish during touch ups. guaranteed to last forever and never wear down, Dog Fashion Spa nail file is a must-have accessory for every dog.

    dog parents: use weekly to maintain dog’s nails or before applying Dog Fashion Spa nail polish. to clean, rinse under warm water and pat with a towel. keep in the protective case and avoid dropping the nail file to avoid breaking the glass.

    made in europe  6.5″

    give back: shop today and support our charity of the month

    dog nail file, dog nail clippers,
    Dog Nail File by DFSpa® – A Gentle Alternative to Dog Nail Clippers
    dog nail file, dog nail clippers,
    Made of crystal glass, our dog nail file reduces peeling and splitting
    dog nail file, dog nail clippers,
    of dog nails and is safer to use than dog nail clippers. Lifetime guarantee.


    Dog Fashion Spa

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    Weight 0.19 lbs
    made of

    crystal glass that lasts forever


    1. Victoria

      This nail file is out of this world! I am a groomer and was very impressed!

    2. KLMK

      Being a licensed nail tech, I can’t say enough about DFS’s Doggie Nail File!!!
      Wow such a great find…
      What lucky dogs I have to be able to use this great file on them:)
      Great for cats too.

    3. Donna

      As a professional dog groomer for 23 years I am impressed.
      The nail file did an excellent job of smoothing the rough edges of the nails. My human clients do not like scratches and the file helps with that.
      Kudos to dog fashion spa!

    4. Chris

      I received your glass nail file in the mail today, and just
      had to try it on my dogs!! It works like magic!!! They don’t get upset
      with the noises from the grinders or the noise from the clippers. It’s
      quiet on their claws, and it smoothes out the nails faster than grinders
      do!! One of my dogs actually slept through her nail filing!!

    5. Christine

      I purchased this product as our rescue German Shorthair Pointer can’t stand a grinder touching her nails. We worked with her for a year trying to get her used to the grinder with no luck. Taking her to a groomer to have her nails clipped and ground is very tramatic for her as well. It also takes both of us to clip her nails at home, but her quicks are so long that it’s not very much.

      Since we got the glass nail file a couple of months ago we have worked with getting her used to it. She isn’t thrilled that she has to sit still so long, but now I can file her nails by myself. She has even relaxed enough during the process that she’s fallen asleep. FInally, her quicks are getting shorter from regular maintaince.

      Thanks to the glass nail file and the helpful staff of Dog Fashion Spa my rescue experices less stress and her nails are starting to look wonderful!

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