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Perez Hilton Discovers DFSpa



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From Perez Hilton

Doggy Perfume Is Now Available For The Stinkiest Of Cuddly Pets!

"Dogs are one of the greatest pets in the world, but for people who want their animals well-kept, there are few options for how they smell.

That’s why Domenico Ponti and Elena Volnova developed luxury goods for dogs!

The founders of Dog Fashion Spa in Manhattan have created a perfume specifically for your pooch, no matter if it’s a pomeranian or a great dane.
Volnova explained the situation behind the product, saying:

"When you enter a house in 2013, there should be no excuse for dog smell. We're not for everyone… Our average consumer is a 35 to 65-year-old woman, and we find that we appeal to a set who really take care of themselves."

And Ponti added:

“If you meet dog parents, most of them can't stop talking about their dogs. We recognized that many dog owners wanted a complex fragrance — not just something like vanilla or strawberry.”

That sounds like it smells delightful! LOLz!

They sell two fragrances for $55 each; one for male and females.

And if you want your pooch pampered a little bit more, try things like their eye pads and specially designed nail files.

But what if you want your cat to get this same five-star treatment?

Volnova said that it was be more difficult to get cats to like the idea of a spray, but also laughed:

"I love cats, I am also a cat person… Never say never.”

Now you’ll never have to worry about your pup stinking up the joint again."

Link to original article