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  our Charity of the Month program now also include our new website, www.dogfashion.us 

each month we donate % of online sales to a non-profit organization picked as charity of the month 

We are looking for non-profits to become our charities of the month!

We LOVE to engage with our customers' favorite charities. Feel free to suggest your favorite non-profit to us! 

If you would like to suggest a Charity of the Month, plese live chat with us or email elena@dogfashion.us.


April Charity of the Month: Paws Across Aswego County


why we  them: this local non-profit makes a difference by fostering and adopting animals and providing spay and neuter services. 

how Paws Across Aswego County makes a difference: volunteers donate their time to socialize and train fosters. Caring for foster animals is free of charge and 100% of all donations made to the rescue go to the vet care of the animals preparing them for adoption. 

to learn more about Paws Across Aswego Countywww.pawsacrossoswegocounty.com

5% of online sales in April 2016 will be donated to Paws Across Aswego County.

THANK YOU for your support 



February and March Charity of the Month: Mason-Dixon Rescue Dog


why we  them: this all-volunteer, non-profit, search and rescue organization provides professionally trained canine search and rescue teams to responsible agencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at no cost!

how Mason-Dixon Rescue Dog makes a difference: they help finding missing people and provide assistance during important events like natural disasters.

to learn more about Mason-Dixon Rescue Dogwww.mdrd.org

5% of online sales in February and March 2016 will be donated to Mason-Dixon Rescue Dog.

THANK YOU for your support 



Fall Charity of the Month: Iowa Humane Alliance


why we  them: their mission is to end companion animal over-population in the region.

how Iowa Humane Alliance makes a difference: they promote and provide affordable, high-quality spay and neuter services for cats, dogs, and rabbits.

to learn more about Iowa Humane Allianceiowahumanealliance.org


10% of online sales in September, October and November 2015 will be donated to Iowa Humane Alliance.

THANK YOU for your support 



February, March and April charity of the month: Loving All Animals


why we  them: they bring together local and national animal welfare organizations to collaborate for the greater benefit of animals.

how Loving All Animals makes a difference: they organize collaborative efforts to find homes for animals, reduce their suffering and create "no-kill" communities.

to learn more about Loving All Animals:


10% of online sales in February, March and April 2015 will be donated to Loving All Animals.

THANK YOU for your support 





January charity of the month: Barks of Love

why we  them: they are committed to matching families with the right dogs

how Barks of Love makes a difference: they emphasize compatibility and building mutually beneficial relationships to ensure dogs are placed responsibly and given a permanent home

to learn more about Barks of Love:  www.barksoflove.org


10% of online sales in January 2015 will be donated to Barks of Love

THANK YOU for your support 


December charity of the month: Southern States Rescued Rottweilerssouthern-states-rescued-rottweilers-new.jpg

why we  them: they are dedicated to saving the lives of rottweilers throughout eleven southern states

how Southern States Rescued Rottweilers makes a difference: this organization is truly passionate about the rotties and is working diligently on finding a loving home for every rottweiler who is rescued. 

to learn more about Southern States Rescued Rottweilers: www.southernstatesrescuedrottweilers.org

10% of online sales in December 2014 will be donated to Southern States Rescued Rottweilers.

THANK YOU for your support 



November charity of the month: Save-A-Pet

save-a-pet.jpgwhy we  them: Save-a-Pet has saved more than 40,000 lives while operating under the mantra of "Help, Heal, Home", never putting a limit on the amount of care provided for an animal.

how Save-A-Pet makes a difference: as one of the largest no-kill rescues in the Chicagoland area, Save-A-Pet provides a compassionate, safe haven for abused, neglected, injured, abandoned, and lost animals. because of them, thousands of families have experienced the love of an abandoned pet.

to learn more about Save-A-Pet: saveapetil.org

10% of online sales in November 2014 will be donated to Save-A-Pet.

THANK YOU for your support 


October charity of the month: GROWL

growl-charity-of-the-month.jpgwhy we  them: they focus on animals who are left behind and have no other rescue lined up.

how 100+ Abandoned Dogs makes a difference: GROWL rescues senior animals and those with special needs and gives them home until forever homes are found. GROWL's mission is to save as many innocent annimals as possible while raising awareness about responsible animal ownership.

to learn more about GROWLwww.mygrowl.com


10% of online sales will be donated to GROWL in October 2014.

THANK YOU for your support 



September charity of the month: 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida

100-rescue.jpgwhy we  them: they raise awareness about a growing number of abandoned dogs in their community, looking for alternative solutions and more responsible and humane decisions by pet owners.

how 100+ Abandoned Dogs makes a difference: they rescue dogs abandoned in Everglades, Florida, bring them back to health and show that love and a warm bed are just around the corner.

to learn more about 100+ Abandoned Dogsclick here





August charity of the month: Bully Breed Rescue



why we  them: bully breeed rescue finds forever homes and improves the reputation of this wonderful yet misunderstood breed.

how Bully Breed Rescue makes a difference: they take in dogs from kill shelters, owner surrenders, and neglectful situations and provide complete medical care, housing, food, training and stability before finding them new loving homes. 

to learn more about Bully Breed Rescuebullybreedrescueinc.org




July charity of the month: New Rochelle Humane Society

new-rochelle.jpgwhy we  them: each July New Rochelle Humane Society holds a dog wash fundraiser that allows dogs enjoy a refreshing bath, supporitng Quality Life for Dogs. We are honored to be a part of this important event and donate Dog Fashion Spa shampoo for washing the dogs at New Rochelle Dog Wash Fundraiser.

how New Rochelle Humane Society makes a difference: they provide individual loving care for lost, abandoned, injured, and mistreated animals in Westchester County of New York.

to learn more about New Rochelle Humane Societynewrochellehumanesociety.org




June charity of the month: Angel On A Leash



why we  them: this organization brings therapy dogs to places like hospitals, schools, hospice, correctional facilities and promotes the role of human-canine bond in enhancing human health and quality of life.

how Angel On A Leash makes a difference: Angel on a leash creates and administers therapy dog programs around the country, from certifying house dogs to become therapy dogs to helping facilities with initial program setup, guiding them through the process and ongoing support. 

to learn more about Angel On A Leash: angelonaleash.org




May charity of the month: Wags 4 Hope


why we  them: run by a 16-year old Annie Blumenfeld, this organization helps educate pet owners across the country about dangerous heartworm disease.

how Wags 4 Hope makes a difference: Annie combines her love of painting with her passion for animals by painting dogs and donating 100% of proceeds from paintings' sales to several animal rescue shelters to help pay for the animals’ medical supplies until they find their forever homes.

to learn more about Wags 4 Hope: wags4hope.org




April charity of the month: Sweet Paws Rescue 



why we  them: this amazing network of women works diligently to get control of the dog overpopulation problem in the United States through legislation, education and compassion.

how Sweet Paws Rescue makes a difference: they rescue and rehome dogs from Mississippi, Alabama and Massachusetts and work to improve legislation and awareness of dog rescue in these areas.

to learn more about Sweet Paws Rescue: sweetpawsrescue.org






February and March charity of the month: Courthouse Dogs


why we  them: Courthouse dogs provide comfort to sexually abused children while they undergo forensic interviews and testify in court.  

how Courthouse Dogs makes a difference: Courthouse dogs assist individuals with physical, psychological, or emotional trauma due to criminal conduct.  These dogs also assist treatment court participants in their recovery, visit juveniles in detention facilities, greet jurors and lift the spirits of courthouse staff who often conduct their business in anadversarial setting.

to learn more about Courthouse Dogs: courthousedogs.org




NOVEMBER charity of the month: ASPCA



why we  them: ASPCA is one of the biggest humane organizations in the world and based in DFspa’s hometown: New York City! ASPCA saves lives every day through their anti-cruelty campaigns, hands-on activism and shelter programs.

how ASPCA makes a difference: ASPCA focuses on three key areas: caring for pet parents and pets, providing positive outcomes for at-risk animals and serving victims of animal cruelty. although headquartered in NYC, the ASPCA works nationally with shelters and rescue groups to empower local communities and make a lasting difference.

to learn more about ASPCA: aspca.com



10% of october online sales will be donated to TAILS Humane Society



why we ♥
TAILS Humane Society strives to strengthen the human-animal bond in the belief that compassion for animals enriches the quality of life for all.

how TAILS makes a difference: they address the root causes of pet overpopulation, abuse, and neglect and promote a culture of respect and caring for pets and wild animals through essential programs, services, education, and advocacy.

to lean more about TAILS Humane Societytailshumanesociety.org

shop now to benefit TAILS Humane Society





20% of september profits from online sales will go to big fluffy dog rescue



why we ♥ them: with only 16 volunteers, big fluffy dog rescue has rescued 800 dogs from high-kill shelters by transporting them from the south states to up north where the dogs have more hope to get adopted.

how we can help: the organization's van recently broke down and they are in desparate need of a new one to meet the goal of saving 1000 more dogs.

to lean more about Big Fluffy Dog Rescuebigfluffydogs.com

shop now to benefit Big Fluffy Dog Rescue