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Fashion Spa for Dogs



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By Justin Worsley


While your dog may look as good as you do after coming back from the groomers, now they can smell as good as you too! Domenico Ponti and Elena Volnova, two entrepreneurs in Manhattan, have developed a line of luxury cormetics for today’s pooch. Dog Fashion Spa, which was opened in June by Ponti and Volnova, offers a line of upscale cosmetic products for Fido and his fussy owner. “When you enter a house in 2013, there should be no excuse for dog smell,” Volnova said to NY Daily News.

Volnova and Ponti founded Dog Fashion Spa after noticing that most pet odor elimination products did not work as well as advertised as well as the lack of luxury goods for canines. Volnova and Ponti, however, were not satisfied with just basic scents for their potential four-legged customers. “If you meet dog parents, most of them can’t stop talking about their dogs,” said Volnova. “We recognized that many dog owners want a complex fragrance, not just something like vanilla or strawberry.” After recognizing the needs of dog owners, Ponti and Volnova spent time researching potential scents for pups along with other potential needs. The result is a fragrance line for both the male and female dog along with coat, eye and nail care products.

Despite the variety of supplies, the owners acknowledge that their product is not for everyone. “We’re not for everyone,” said Volnova. “Our average customer is a 35-to-65-year-old woman, and we find that we appeal to a set who really take care of themselves.” While their current products are available on the market, Volnova and Ponti are looking to expand their brand. Next up: nail polish.

To purchase product from Dog Fashion Spa, visit dogfashionspa.com.