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Dog Parents Talk

better than average...

"This sham­poo was bet­ter than aver­age in pro­duc­ing lather. The sham­poo did not burn his eyes and had a nice mild fra­grance… While being blow dried, his brush went through his hair much eas­ier than usual. When fin­ished Cuba was shinier and fluffier than nor­mal and extremely silk like to the touch."

- paw vogue

utterly genius!

"… maschio… is utterly genius! I might have to spray it on some other males in the house…"

- stacy

softer than ever...

"When Jack was groomed a week and a half ago, we had our groomer use the “Dog Fashion Spa” products. He is more handsome and SOFTER than ever. The conditioner used after the shampoo has made such a difference!
We also love the gentle eye pads….much more efficient and easier to use than the drops and cotton pads we used in the past. Congratulations on developing such a quality product line!"

- georgette & craig

out of this world!

"This nail file is out of this world! I am a groomer was very impressed!"

- victoria

super soft brush...

"Super soft brush that can be used to clean off their paws when they come indoors. Not only keeping their paws clean, but also keeping excess dirt off my floor!"

- savannah

i love my dog!

"I could not believe I could buy gift wrap for my dog without worrying she will eat it and get sick. I LOVE MY DOG!"

- larisa

pawfectly decadent!

"Run, don't walk to get your new spa products today!!!! They are PAWfectly decadent!"

- stacy

bitches turn heads...

"Park Ave bitches turn heads when they smell Tito wearing Maschio for him in Manhattan."

- celebrity groomer jorge bendersky


"two days ago i pampered my two beautiful dogs with these products and i have to say that they are amazing. the shampoo has a very delicate smell and the conditioner leaves their coat very soft and shiny. i will definitely keep buying these products for my pups."

- bricciola

it's like magic...

"this lotion is the best. my dog has mange and i've been using it on her for about a week now and it's like magic. a couple of days after i started using it on her her coat started getting its color back and her fur grew back in some of her missing patches. what i really love is that she is not itching as much as before. i can tell that it soothes her itchy scratches because after i'm done rubbing it on her she just lays down and sleeps. best of the best. thank you dog fashion spa."

- sara

i love them...

"i was the winner of one of your giveaways. i picked the eye pads for my teddy bear sammy. i just want to say i love them they work amazingly on his eyes it's so easy now to get the eye boogers lol out. thank you very much i can't wait to order some other things!!!"

- lori kay

we get so many compliments

"I tried the nail polish on my Chihuahua about 3 weeks ago, and it is still in good shape. It dried very fast. I chose the pink colour and it looks really really pretty and we get so many compliments. Kiki is usually very sensitive to strong smells, but did well with the nail polish."

- sofia

thumbs up !!!

"After using several Dog Fashion spa products for one week now ...Coco my mini Poodle and I are in Love with these Products.. the eye pads... paw and nose moisturizer.. coat and skin lotion are fantastic. She loves to be kissed and hugged and she certainly gets even more attention using their femina perfume... Thumbs Up !!! This is the Perfect Luxury line I have been waiting for!!!!"

- dawn boudreaux

she smells terrific

"after i washed my beautiful girl lola, i sprayed her with the femmina fragrance and she smells terrific. thank you for your great products."

- irobbiano

Dog Fashion Spa baths

"The dogs have had their second bath with Dog Fashion Spa and they smell amazing and are so soft! Love it! And the nose moisturizer is brilliant!"

- darin


"I have finally found the perfect products for my Maltese and my Yorkie! My Maltese, Bianca, has extremely sensitive skin and seasonal changes really affect her. As soon as I opened my shipment, I used the Semplice Coat and Skin lotion on her. She relaxed INSTANTLY and the almost constant scratching stopped! What impressed me the most was that I used it all over her body and she was not greasy AT ALL! Incredible!"

- lauren

great smell

"Last night I gave them their first bath with the Shampoo and Conditioner. They have never ever smelled this good from at home products ever! They smell like they are straight from the groomer. Soft and luxurious!! Dog Fashion Spa, you have a loyal client in me! Bailey and Bianca send big thank you's and doggy kisses"

- lauren

I love them all!!

"Everytime I come to your page I continue to smile. BB has soft paws, white fur under her eyes and smells just great thanks to your fantastic products. I love them all!!"

- darin